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The Nibbler

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Free Cookie Tasting- New Kitchen Sink Cookies!


Acme Fresh Market – Dollar Dogs!


Digital Deals Frequently Asked Questions!


Digital Deals Frequently Asked Questions 

What are Digital Deals?

Digital Deals are another way to save at Acme Fresh Market! Digital Deals are special coupons available only at

How do Digital Deals work?

View and select coupons from our website. Select the qualifying item(s) in-store. Scan your Acme Fresh Market Savings Card at the register.

Digital Deal savings are listed on your receipt as “Digital Deals”.

Please Click Here to see our Coupon Policy.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy! Just go to, click “Create an Account” and follow the steps!  Make sure you have your Acme Fresh Market Savings Card number handy.

How do I load a Digital Deal to my Acme Fresh Market Savings Card?

Create an account, or log in to an existing account.

Click “My Coupons” in the menu on the left hand side of the page.

Under “All coupons”, click “Add to Card” for any coupons you would like to use

Check “Personal Coupons” to see if there are any coupons just for you – based on what you buy most!

Can I log in to my account from my phone?

Yes! You do not need to download an app to access your Digital Deals from a phone.  Just go to  The first time you do, you will be asked if you want to save the icon to your phone – Click Yes!  You can log in, download Digital Deals, create and save shopping lists and more – conveniently from your phone.


How do I view the Digital Deals that I have loaded to my Savings Card?

To review the coupons you have loaded to your Acme Fresh Market Savings Card, login to your account and click “My Coupons” on the menu on the left hand side of the website.

Then, click “My Coupons” at the top center of the “My Coupons” page.

You can view all coupons in the store on your phone, or print a list of your coupons.

Coupon Questions

How will I know what Digital Deals are available?

Log in to your account, and click “My Coupons” in the menu on the left hand side of the page to see what coupons are available. “All Coupons” shows the coupons available to all customers, and “Personal Coupons” shows coupons available just for you!

Click “My Coupons” to see the coupons you have loaded to your card. You can view this page from in the store, or print a list before you go! 

How many times can I redeem a Digital Deal?

Digital Deals can be redeemed one time per card.

Can I combine Digital Deals with paper coupons?

No. Digital Deals are another way to save – they cannot be combined with paper coupons. 

When the Digital Deal includes “when you buy”, do I really have to buy the minimum?

Yes, you do have to purchase the minimum quantity to get the Digital Deal price. 

Do I get the Digital Deal if I buy more than the minimum quantity?

Once the Digital Deal price is triggered by purchasing the minimum, all additional items purchased in that transaction are also sold at the Digital Deal price.

How long does it take for a Digital Deal to be loaded to my card?

Digital Deals are loaded to your Savings Card within a few minutes of when you click “Add to Card”.

What if my store does not carry an item for which I have a Digital Deal?

It is our goal to provide customers with everything on their shopping lists. However, store inventories vary. We cannot guarantee that every store will carry all products for which Digital Deals are available. Please try another Acme Fresh Market!

Can I use my Digital Deals at any Acme Fresh Market?

Manufacturer Digital Coupons are in test mode and only available to redeem at Acme Fresh Market North Canton, Canton, and Parma Locations.


Can I still get the Digital Deals if I do not have an account?

No. Please create an account to save with Digital Deals!

Account Troubleshooting

How do I recover my password?

Recovering your password is easy! Just click “Forgot Your Password”.  Your password will be emailed to you soon.  Please add to your contact list to make sure the response makes it through to you!

What should I do if I am having trouble creating an account or signing in to my account?

Visit your local Acme Fresh Market customer service counter. The customer service associates should be able to assist you.

Or, simply click the link “Need Help? Have Questions? Click Here for Support” to email our Digital Deals Team.

Acme Fresh Market and Hoppin’ Frog Debut 125th Anniversary Collaboration Brew

7-14-16_HoppinFrog125thShandy_WEB_BANNERAcme Fresh Market continues celebrating its 125th Anniversary with a custom-brewed grapefruit shandy beer, created by award-winning brewmaster Fred Karm, and his local brewery, Hoppin’ Frog right here in Akron Ohio.

Now available in all Acme stores, the beer is called “Five Freds’ Grapefruit Shandy” – named after the 4 generations of Fred Albrechts that have worked for Acme, and Fred Karm, founder and Brewmaster of Hoppin’ Frog.

“I am thrilled that our 125th Anniversary Beer was created by one of the top brewmasters in the world! As soon as I pitched the idea of two local, world class companies putting out a product to celebrate Acme’s 125th Anniversary, Fred said ‘I’m in’. We had a great time tasting and talking about beers during the creation of Five Freds. I think that’s what local really means – Acme’s ability to stop by our local, award winning Hoppin’ Frog and create an awesome product that our customers will love,” explained Jim Trout.

Fred Karm stated, “Hoppin’ Frog Brewery is very happy to collaborate with Acme Fresh Market to make Five Freds’ Grapefruit Shandy, celebrating their 125th. Anniversary.  Acme has always been flying the flag high for craft beer from the beginning, and that is why I was happy to develop this special beer with them.  And this beer really tastes amazing!  Five Freds’ Grapefruit Shandy is super refreshing, with a friendly, memorable flavor and aroma that is the perfect balance of citrus and light malt flavors.”

Fred Karm continued, “This is a single batch, a “one-off” beer – it will be gone before you know it.  It is currently available in our signature 22-ounce bottles, so get it now while supplies last!  I’ve been shopping at the various Acme locations in the greater Akron area my whole life, and always have been impressed with their modern facilities, friendly staff, and selection – especially their Craft Beer selection!  So grab some Five Freds’ Grapefruit Shandy, and support Acme who supports our interest for great craft beer!”

Five Freds’ is a refreshing combination of citrus and light malt flavors, with a twang of grapefruit.

Five Freds’ Grapefruit Shandy is available at all Acme Fresh Market stores in 22 oz bottles for $8.99 – while supplies last!