Acme to Renovate Historic, Vintage Sign

Acme 10 Street Sign

Acme Fresh Market is pleased to announce a fun, new and historic project. We have to say that we have our hands full with the new store construction and renovations already, but when the original State Road Acme street sign from the 1950’s appeared on a roadside architecture website that features vintage signs from around the states – – we couldn’t resist acquiring the sign and beginning its renovation.

We’ve assigned the task at hand to The Ellet Sign Company in Akron. We hope this unique, renovated sign will add a bit of nostalgia and brilliance to the storefront when it’s completed. It is believed that the sign was originally installed sometime in the 1940’s and the sign stands a whopping thirty six and a half feet tall. The sign will be lit using five hundred and seventy eight individual theater style bulbs, not including neon or backlighting effects which will make it an amazing showpiece.

What makes this sign so unique is that it captures the late 1940’s & 50’s era of modernization. The sign is from a time when the combination of electricity & metal (stainless steel) in signs showcased designs for future building materials that would eventually be considered “commonplace” in 1960’s architecture. It contains many fluorescent lights which gave way to the internally illuminated signs that are still used today.

In our minds this amazing and historic sign represents the bright hopes and the belief in a positive future that was a touchstone of the 1950’s. This is a feeling that we’d like to convey today for every person passing by the sign when it’s complete.

At this point, it is believed that the restoration should take an estimated sixteen weeks. We will know more about the timetable as the restoration process moves along.

We must admit that we are very proud to have a piece of our history now back in our possession. It is unclear at this point where this unique sign will be displayed and what exactly it will be used for. It is definitely something worth keeping an eye on so please check back here on a regular basis for updates. Please feel free to browse the sign photo gallery below as new photos will be added regularly as the restoration progresses.