Purchase your First Night Akron Admission Buttons at Acme Fresh Market!


First Night Akron is an indoor, alcohol free, Family-Friendly New Year’s Eve Celebration of the Arts! Whether it’s music, dance, theatre, or performance art – First Night Akron has it all.

Purchase your First Night Akron admission buttons at your local Acme Fresh Market customer service desk! First Night Akron admission buttons are just $10 each, and kids under 10 are FREE!

Acme Fresh Market is also selling Downtown Akron Passports –  a bargain at $15.00 each. The passport includes admission to 17 events beginning with First Night Akron. The passport is valued at over $200.00!

Shop your locally owned Acme Fresh Market today – and don’t forget to purchase your First Night Akron admission button!

Happy Holidays!

Everybody Loves an Acme Fresh Market Gift Card!

AFM_Holiday Gift Card_Web_banner

Looking for an easy, affordable, meaningful gift to give this holiday season? Acme Fresh Market gift cards are your perfect solution because “Everybody Loves an Acme Fresh Market Gift Card!”

The perfect solution for the perfect gift

One of the biggest challenges of the holiday season can be deciding on the perfect gift. There are so many people you want to remember at this time of year, and you don’t want to leave anyone out! It can be especially challenging to give a gift to someone you don’t know very well, such as your child’s teacher, the mail carrier, the newspaper carrier, the babysitter, your co-workers – the list goes on.

A simple, yet meaningful, way to give

This year, simplify your life by giving Acme Fresh Market gift cards. When you give an Acme gift card, you give something much more precious than groceries.

You give a memory . . .

Just picture your newspaper carrier sitting down with his family for the delicious holiday meal your gift card helped him purchase. Picture his wife with a beaming smile as she looks across the table at her family. Because of your gift, the family may have splurged on a sumptuous Certified Angus Beef prime rib roast or ventured out of the everyday to try king crab legs – or maybe even lobster! Acme Fresh Market offers the highest quality, freshest meat and seafood available – quality you can trust. Your gift of an Acme Fresh Market gift card is the gift of a memorable holiday meal.

You give a gift of relaxation . . .

Now let’s picture your child’s teacher. She is constantly on the go, working hard to give your child an excellent education. After receiving your gift of an Acme Fresh Market gift card, she heads to her locally owned and operated Acme Fresh Market, where she probably runs into many of her neighbors and may even see some of her students working. Normally, she wouldn’t purchase a premium bottle of wine, but because of your gift of an Acme Fresh Market gift card, she decides to treat herself to the highest quality bottle of wine. Acme’s knowledgeable and friendly wine specialist helps her pick the perfect bottle from Acme’s unparalleled selection of wines. In this instance, your Acme Fresh Market gift card purchased the gift of relaxation.

More reasons to purchase an Acme Fresh Market gift card

    • Acme gift cards give you flexibility. Give a little or give a lot. Acme Fresh Market gift cards are available in any amount.
    • Acme gift cards make you feel good about your giving. Not only will the recipient of the Acme Fresh Market gift card love the gift, but you also can feel great about giving it. By shopping Acme Fresh Market, you are supporting a local business that has been “Feeding the Families of our Community for over 120 Years.”


  • Acme gift cards are easy to wrap. Simply drop one in a holiday card, stuff one into a stocking, tuck one into the recipient’s wallet (and see how long it takes him or her to notice it), or wrap it up in a great big box that will keep everyone guessing until it’s opened.
  • Acme gift cards make great tax-deductible gifts to local charities, such as the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank.