The 2014-2015 Acme Fresh Market Community Cash Back program is coming to a close on March 7th, 2015.

It’s time to turn in your receipts. If you are a registered nonprofit organization please have your receipts dated September 18, 2014 through February 4, 2015 turned into your local Acme Fresh Market customer service desk by March 7, 2015! Remember, you must have a minimum of $1,500 in receipts (using the Community Cash Back amount listed at the bottom of each receipt) to qualify. Please have your receipts neatly bundled in increments of $1,500 or as close as you can. We appreciate an adding machine tape or computer print-out for easier auditing; however, it is not mandatory.

Rebate checks will be received in 6 – 8 weeks after the March 7 date. We hope you’ve had a very successful campaign that will aid your organization in accomplishing its goals! Acme Fresh Market is a proud community supporter and we applaud your efforts in making our community a better place to live and work!

Mark your calendars!!!! The 2015-2016 Acme Community Cash Back program begins on August 20, 2015 and runs through January 6, 2016!

Acme Fresh Market Fuel Rewards!!!!


Are you a signed up for the Acme Fresh Market Fuel Rewards program?

If not, what are you waiting for? Fuel Rewards card holders earn FREE fuel just by shopping at their locally owned Acme Fresh Market!

We offer over 3,000 fuel rewards items every week. Not only that – you can earn extra fuel by taking advantage of the department showcased each week! AND during select times of the year, you can really stock up on the fuel when you buy Acme Fresh Market Gift Cards!

What are some of the other advantages of our fuel program you may ask? Well, let us tell you:

  • Your card will NEVER expire! When you Earn and/or redeem fuel at least once a year.
  • You choose how much to use . . . it’s just like having cash in your pocket – whatever the amount on your card is what you have to spend!
  • Have more on your card than you need? Don’t worry, it will still be there later for you to use when you’re ready . . . your rewards are not lost!
  • Redeem your rewards at over 90 participating Circle K Stations and the Acme Fresh Market Fuel Center located at 3235 Manchester Rd. in Portage Lakes!

Sign up today at the customer service desk in your nearest Acme Fresh Market!

Learn More and Watch Our Fuel Reward Program Video.

Save $9.25 thru March 21

Acme Fresh Market Food Club Stock Up Sale!


Acme Fresh Market Food Club Stock Up Sale!


Acme Fresh Market Fuel Rewards Program